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Bälte med fem flaskor

Our fluidbets come in five different models. All our belts are made in elastic Velcro which makes it tight. You will hardly notice the belt. Also it is easy to adjust while running.
PERFEKTA has also developed some convenient accessories. Perhaps you would like an extra pocket, a bottle brush or some spare bottles?


Modell A

Model A

Belt with four bottles. You can carry 0,64 l of fluid.
Model A come in the sizes S, M, L and XL.

Model A is for you who want a functional and affordable belt.

Modell B

Model B

Belt with five bottles. You can carry 0,8 l of fluid. This model has reflexes on every bottle holder and a neoprene bag in the front. The bag has a zip and will withstand some rain. Model B comes in the sizes S, M, L and XL.

Model B is for you who want reflexes and a pocket for keys or a cell phone.

Modell C

Model C

Belt with eight bottles that enables you to carry 1,3 l of fluid. The perfect belt for you if you run for long time. The belt has reflexes and a neoprene pocket with a zip.
The belt comes in the sizes S, M, L and XL.

Model C is for you who run long time or cary for other. You get reflexes and a neoprene pocket with room for keys or a cell phone.

Modell D

Model D

Belt with three bottles. You can carry ca 0,5 l of fluid.
This model comes in just one size, but i is adjustable and fits every one with size S to XL. That is why this is the best model if you want to share your belt with someone.

Model D is for you who is sharing your belt with some one. A suitable belt and want an affordable belt.

Modell H

Model H

Hand belt. The belt for you if you are not running very long or far, but still want some fluid. The bottle can carry 18 cl.

Model H is for you who run for a shorter time and don't want a waist belt.


PERFEKTA of Sweden have developed a range of accessories for our fluidbelts. Perhaps you want an extra bag, a bottle brush or some extra bottles?

Extra flaskor

Extra bottles

Comes in two models, one with a bent neck that can carry 16 cl and one with a straight neck that can carry 18 cl of fluid. The bottle with the bent neck is our standard bottle.



This bag is perfect for you if you want something more than water when running. The two pockets has room for an MP3-player, money, medication or a power bar.
Size: Height 150 mm, width 110 mm.
The smaller pocket: Height 70 mm, width 110 mm.


Mobile pocket

Pocket for your cell phone, small model. The pocket is easily put on your belt. The Velcro makes it easy to open the pocket and answer a call.


Extra pocket

En smooth, soft pocket to put on a belt. Suitable if you have a big phone, energy gel etc.
The pocket is made in neoprene.
Size: Height 80 mm, width 130 mm.


Belt for number pad

With this belt for number pads you don't have to fasten your number pad with safety pins. This is a common product among triathlets.

If you have any questions about our products, contact us.

Our products

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Size guide

Many of our belts come i four sizes (S to XL). Use this list to find your size.

Waist size

  • S = 65 - 75cm
  • M = 75 - 85cm
  • L = 85 - 95cm
  • XL = 95 - 105cm


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