About Perfekta of Sweden

PERFEKTA på Tjejmilen PERFEKTA of Sweden

PERFEKTA of Sweden® was founded in 1986 by Gerry Rönnmark and Anders Claesson. As they were running they realized that there was no good way of running with water. That is why they invented the elastic fluid belt with the small plastic bottles.

Still today Gerry and Anders own and run PERFEKTA of Sweden. For over 25 years they have made new models, bags and other accessories for runners. You can see them almost every year at Stockholm Marathon and other races, selling PERFEKTA fluid belts.
If you have any questions Anders and Gerry will help you. You can email the at office@perfekta.nu.


PERFEKTA at Stockholm marathon in 1986

The bridge run 2000

When the Öresunds bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen was built in 2000 it was celebrated by the Bridge run. PERFEKTA of Sweden developed and sold 100 000 special fluidbelts to that run, each runner got one. This was because it was not possible to have fluid stations on the bridge.
We still see runners use the belt from the bridge run when they run today. That is proof of quality to us.

Our products

Våra produkter

Size guide

Many of our belts come i four sizes (S to XL). Use this list to find your size.

Waist size

  • S = 65 - 75cm
  • M = 75 - 85cm
  • L = 85 - 95cm
  • XL = 95 - 105cm


PERFEKTA of Sweden: Russvägen 12, 152 57, Södertälje | Tel: 08-550 609 32 | Fax: 08-550 320 90 | E-post: office@perfekta.nu